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We are Gerantis - Gerantis


We are Gerantis

Gerantis, that’s property management with a clear vision of the future. We aim for what will be possible in the future.

Take the lead …

The world of property management is changing rapidly and in different domains simultaneously. At Gerantis, we are taking the lead and redrawing the landscape. With our passionate teams, brand new technologies and solid experience, we shape the property manager and steward of the future. 

… With a clear goal

A metamorphosis for the profession of property managers and stewards – that’s our ambition. The most professional, competent and proactive partner for every owner, property developer or association of co-owners, that’s what we want to be.

Competencies that stand out

  • Technological innovation: complex processes become simple.
  • Operational quality: more than ‘comply with the rules’.
  • Human service: develop personal relationships.
  • Economic optimisation: integrating all aspects of property management.
  • Solid expertise: management with years of experience.
  • Professional growth: an environment where talent flourishes.

Guiding values

  • Earn trust through meticulous work.
  • Have an open mind and the drive to innovate in our sector.
  • Demonstrate a professional attitude, approach and behaviour in everything we do.
  • Be a good judge of people with respect for every individual.

Management with perspective

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