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Our services

All our activities combine our staff's many years of experience with the most efficient management software and technological applications. We bring expertise and innovation to every facet of contemporary property management.

Property management

Does a building or subdivision consist of two or more units owned by different people? Then the co-owners are usually legally obliged to appoint a property manager. The property manager is responsible for the management of the common spaces. We differentiate between four types of management activities.

Technical supervision

With Gerantis, each co-ownership gets one personal contact for the overall management. Together with our legal, administrative and financial experts in the property managers’ office, this agent takes care of all obligatory maintenance work, inspections and renovation projects. Our agents are responsible for damage reports, urgent and preventive measures, and communication with co-owners. They preside over the general meeting and ensure that the decisions taken there are implemented correctly.

‘As a technical manager, I am the link between the building and my fellow specialists in our property managers’ office. Thankfully, co-owners can now participate in meetings digitally. Even during their holidays! They can vote from the beach on renovations, green roofs, bike stands, you name it.’

Dobby app for co-owners

With the Dobby app, every co-owner has his property manager in his pocket at all times. Using a smartphone or laptop, co-owners can consult the dossier of their co-ownership, submit notifications to the building manager and follow up on subsequent actions at any time. Consultation between co-owners has also never been so easy. Evaluating an agenda item via an online questionnaire, holding a digital meeting, and legally valid voting is possible via the app. It goes without saying that this is done in a secure manner and with the greatest respect for the protection of the private data of each association of co-owners.

Our legal experts guide managers and owners through increasingly complex property management procedures. With their specialised knowledge, they also assist property developers and notaries. This ranges from drawing up the articles of co-ownership, describing the common and private spaces and the common charges, to the practical house rules of a building.

Administrative management

The administrative component of building management is multifaceted and important. With our specialised management software and close personal contact, we keep a close eye on everything: agendas and minutes of co-owner meetings, project dossiers for renovations or repairs, and all correspondence and telephone calls.

Financial management

Each residence we manage has its own annual budget and bookkeeping; this enables us to accurately track all cash flows. We do this in accordance with the legal provisions for co-ownership and the rules prescribed by the building's statutes. In this way, we divide any costs correctly, and each co-owner has a clear view of the financial situation.


As stewards, our full service takes away the worries of owners of private property. From administrative, financial, legal to technical management, we draw up an optimal range of duties in consultation with the owner.

‘By taking on all these duties, an owner no longer has to worry or spend time on everything involved in renting out property. We have the experience, expertise, and technology to do this efficiently.’

We act on behalf of the owner and keep the property in good condition. We look for tenants, draw up contracts and property descriptions, collect rents and arrange the necessary insurance. If necessary, we follow up on damage reports, mediate disputes and even supervise renovation work.  

Ook in de relatie met de vereniging van mede-eigenaars en syndicus treden we op voor de eigenaar. We nemen de rol op van aanspreekpunt en vertegenwoordiger, nemen deel aan vergaderingen, volgen het beheer van de gemeenschappelijke delen op en rapporteren terug naar de eigenaar. Via onze Dobby-app heeft die onze rentmeesters altijd op zak. Een melding maken of een project opvolgen, via de smartphone of laptop kan het altijd en overal.


An array of compulsory and additional insurances is an indispensable aspect of property management. Our in-house insurance department specialises in this area and proactively advises on the best possible insurance portfolio for each building. We assist both the association of co-owners and individual owners and tenants in taking out the right policy for every risk.

An insured building

It goes without saying that every building must be adequately insured. Examples include fire insurance, the civil liability of the building, its commissioners and the members of the co-ownership board, or the industrial accident insurance of a resident warden.  

‘We are a true 'agent' and negotiate the best possible conditions for our customers. Our service is tailor-made and we make it a point to speak in unambiguous language as a partner of the association of co-owners, the owner or tenant. There are no secrets in insurance contracts.’

Insured tenants and owners

At Gerantis, we also make sure that tenants and owners have peace of mind. Family insurance, home contents insurance or tenants' liability insurance, we advise them on protection against all types of risks. In the event of incidents - such as fire or water damage - our specialists follow up the claim management, expert appraisals and payments.

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