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Entrepreneurship with Impact - Gerantis


Entrepreneurship with Impact

Companies have a responsibility towards society, the environment and people. At Gerantis, we are happy to take on that responsibility. This is how we do our bit for a better world.

Towards a sustainable future

Our strategy for going green

We are greening our fleet by switching to hybrid and electric vehicles. For events, we choose venues that are committed to sustainability. We encourage co-owners to make their buildings more energy efficient with roof insulation, green roofs and solar panels.

The G of Good causes


We participated in the Warmathon in December 2023. Our team raised money for the Warmest Week, an annual Belgian solidarity campaign, by running and walking. The theme in 2023 was ‘Growing up without worries’, a theme close to our hearts. 

Kom op tegen Kanker (Stand up Against Cancer)

Our HR Manager Patrick has been cycling the 1000 km cycling tour for Kom op tegen Kanker solo for years. And because we didn’t want Patrick to pedal against cancer alone, we decided to sponsor the 1000 kilometres. We are also training a Gerantis cycling team to ride with him in the future.

An inclusive, respectful workplace

Everyone is welcome

At Gerantis, we place great importance on inclusion. We provide accessible facilities for people with disabilities. We also promote diversity among our colleagues. Everyone is welcome and allowed to be completely themselves, but we demand respect for each other’s norms and values

Open and honest communication

Ethics and transparency are essential. When managing our buildings, we ensure open and honest communication on financial and operational matters. The Dobby app allows co-owners to access all relevant information and stay informed.

Focus on well-being and growth

The well-being and personal growth of our employees are paramount. At our company, everyone gets a mentor who guides and supports them. And the Gerantis Academy promotes the personal and professional development of our people.

Supporting health

We offer a comprehensive healthcare plan as part of our remuneration package, and we support a healthy work-life balance with flexible working hours and teleworking. Ergonomic workstations reduce physical strain, and we offer all kinds of relaxation options.

Engagement and participation

At Gerantis, we value commitment and participation. We organise teambuilding events regularly to strengthen team spirit. And our employees are involved in business decisions through our Gerantis Talent Management Team. It enables everyone to make their voice heard, and we build Gerantis together.

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